GUI builder for Python

David M. Cook davecook at
Fri Aug 15 11:31:50 CEST 2003

In article <nx%_a.730754$3C2.17094058 at>, henry wrote:

> Just wondering if there's a good GUI builder for Python. Something like
> Visual Tcl, where you just drag and drop objects.

I like the way glade produces an xml file that can be loaded dynamically by
libglade.  PyQT/qtdesigner and wxpython/wxglade have similar features

There's an article on pygtk and glade in September's Linux Journal:

Though the author seems to have missed the autoconnect method, which will
automatically connect callback functions/methods with the same name as the
handlers you define in glade.

> Not too good with creating user interfaces from code along.

Not one of programming's most thrilling chores.

Dave Cook

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