Help with dll none at
Tue Aug 19 23:07:07 CEST 2003

I am developping a com (dll based) in python. I obviously use py2exe to
create the *.dll file. My program is based on 3 modules (the first one is
calling the two others). If all 3 modules are located inside the same
directory everything goes compiles and the com is created. However if I put
one of the module in a subfolder and try using the -i argument of py2exe
nothing compiles and python tells me that it cannot find the module. I have tried all the above:

python.exe py2exe -i --com-dll

python.exe py2exe -i subfoldername.modulename --com-dll

python.exe py2exe -i subfoldername\ --com-dll

python.exe py2exe -p subfoldername --com-dll

here is my startup script also:

import sys



from distutils.core import setup

import py2exe

setup(name="The Big TEst",

scripts=["MainModule", "Module2", "Module3"],


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