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Michael Peuser mpeuser at web.de
Wed Aug 13 00:16:32 CEST 2003

IDLE can help with its Class Browser feature. Although this not "automatic",
it will help a lot
when using site-packages or even your own old code ;-)

For the beginner, of course even properties (attributes and methodes) of
standard types are not
obvious. I must say, that Python can really be a little bit cryptical
(consider *get* oder *has_key* for
directories ). I generally have to look it up, when *haskey* or *has* does
not work ;-)

But you can very well organize yourself with man pages....

The main problem seems to be that Python has no static typing. So it
*generally* is not possible
for an editor to know what type will dynamically be used.

Though in most cases - especially with callable objects - there can be a
good guess.

Nevertheless I also think that the problem is not so much, that there can be
no solution
but - as you said - not everyone is aware of the benefits of those

Problems increase especially with GUIs - I would be lost even in Tkinter
without a paper reference  ;-)

Michael Peuser

"Greg Brunet" <gregbrunet at NOSPAMsempersoft.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:vjiiditehj6i84 at corp.supernews.com...
> Somewhat, depending on the IDE you choose, but not really.  Search the
> newsgroup (or use google) to find a thread titled "'Intellisense'
> possible for Python?" started (by me) on Dec 18, 2002.  It discusses why
> this isn't really possible with Python (short version: dynamic typing
> doesn't allow them to do this).   Generally, the interactive
> interepreter windows support this better than the editors.  Pat O'Brien
> did some work on improving this in the PyAlaCarte series of editors, but
> I've not been able to get it working completely, and he seems to not be
> doing any additional work on it at this time.  As someone who also came
> from VB, support for intellisense-type capabilities would be the largest
> practical improvement that could be made to ease-of-use & adoption of
> Python.  I think that it's hard for those folks who haven't benefited
> from it to understand how nice it really is.  Good luck,
> --
> Greg
> "Emmanuel Jean-Louis" <ejeanlouis2001 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
> news:mailman.1060692918.5794.python-list at python.org...
> Does python 2.2 has a drop down feature like VB does so that you can
> list of methods and variables associate with that particular class?  If
> it does, how do I turn it on?
> Thx.

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