PyChecker work with Python 2.3?

achrist at achrist at
Sun Aug 3 22:53:00 CEST 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     >> If you think you are so smart, why don't you use your time more
>     >> economically then and just try it out?
>     al> If I upgrade python to 2.3 I also must upgrade:
>     al>         ctypes
>     al>         py2exe
>     al>         pysqlite
>     al>         win32all
>     al>         wxPython
> Just to see if pychecker works?  

Just to see if pychecker works for the software for which it matters
to me if pychecker works.

> Why not just configure Python with a
> different --prefix=... flag?  That's assuming you're on a unix-like > system.

I'm not.

> If you're on Windows (as it appears you are), Python 2.3 installs in
> c:\Python23 by default which shouldn't disturb your earlier Python
> installation unless you were tanked the day you installed it and put > it in
> c:\Python23.

If I'm on a Windows system, and I am, I am very suspicious of any 
claims that it is possible to install and uninstall anything easily
and come out exactly where I was before.  About a month ago I noticed
that my jaz drive was working not too well, so I upgraded Iomega's
tools.  That broke NT, it wouldn't uninstall,  and I spent 3.5 days
trying to fix NT.  (This was actually within a week after NT had been
dropped from Microsoft's supported list, and all the MS knowledgebase
articles about NT and NT workstation service packs and patches had 
been purged from the MS website). If you work with Windows much, you
learn the downside of promiscuous installing. There's always a risk.
Better to ask twice and install once. 


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