classes (table)

Wiebke Pätzold wiebke.paetzold at
Wed Aug 6 13:49:29 CEST 2003

On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:31:39 GMT, Alex Martelli <aleax at>

>Wiebke Pätzold wrote:
>   ...
>> import Mk4py
>I'm not experienced in this package, so I'm not sure this will
>work and can't test, but:
>>     def __call__(self, row):
>>         try:
>>             nachname = row.Nachname
>Just change this to
>              whatever = getattr(row, self.attributeName)
>Where self.attributeName can be any string, e.g. defaulting
>to 'Nachname' if you wish, as set e.g. in __init__.

but the user of the program should have the possibility to select in
wich column the search takes place.

On the one hand the program must be in the situation to search in all
columns of the table for a special word. And on the other hand the
user have to determine in wich column the search after this special
word takes place. This is the task. And this two things must combined
in one program.

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