Python vs. C#

Tom nonotreally999 at
Wed Aug 13 05:45:52 CEST 2003

Patrick Useldinger <pu> wrote in message news:<3f3959e3_1 at>...
> Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
> > [...]
> Some time ago, you started a similar discussion on C++ vs. Python. You 
> pretended to be just as objective, and you turned out to be just as 
> decided as you are now (funny, isn't it ?).
> So what the heck is the purpose? I cannot help but think that you are 
> just bored. Maybe 3D-programming isn't that interesting after all ...
> -Patrick

Quite right, Patrick.  For anyone who hasn't seen the old C++ threads
and might still think that Mr. Van Avery is a non-Troll, please do a
search, read his old C++ stuff and make your own judgement.  I think
it's a 'slam-dunk'.

The only reason I have bothered posting about this is that I think
valuable c.l.p. cycles are being wasted and the generosity and
open-mindedness of the c.l.p. community are being taken advantage of
by someone who appears to be, as Patrick noted, "just bored".

Sorry to be harsh, Mr. Van Avery.  I have a suggestion, though.  I
think you've chosen the wrong group to play in.  I think you should
read a book about Lisp (maybe even two) and then share your thoughts
with the comp.lang.lisp folks.  Lisp is a really neat language (not
sure but maybe there's a Lisp.NET to explore!!!) and the c.l.l. folks
will be really interested in your insights.  I think you and Erik will
hit it off big time.

End of rant.  Don't feed trolls.

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