midi with ctypes

Anton Vredegoor anton at vredegoor.doge.nl
Fri Aug 8 10:42:25 CEST 2003

danbmil99 at yahoo.com (dan) topposted:

>Interesting idea, but frankly it seems like alot of extra overhead. 
>Now that midipy is compiling, I'm more inclined to add features in C
>than using ctypes.

The microsoft visual C compiler is about half a gigabyte size, the
soundfont SDK from creative labs is about 20 megabyte size, the OSC
toolkit is about 3 megabyte size, the midipy.cpp is a few kilobyte

Compare this with the ctypes solution: ctypes itself is about half a
megabyte size and the ctypesmidipy.py is taking a few kilobytes.

>From this comparison one could conclude that the overhead is largely
on the side of the current solution using C.

>What advantages can we expect from doing it this way?

The ctypes solution is cheaper, there are less license issues because
there are less parties involved, it's a lot less code so it's easier
to understand and maintain, programming this module in Python gives
extra flexibility, and most importantly this could be a platform
independent solution for MIDI programming. That would earn Python
extra kudos from music programmers.


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