Python vs. C#

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Mon Aug 11 07:55:45 CEST 2003

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>Your e-mails are *not* welcome.  If you send me e-mail again, I will be
>contacting your ISP about account abuse.

>Brandon Van Every               Seattle, WA

You are going to contact my ISP about what exactly? Account abuse? How
exactly am I abusing my account? By expressing my opinion that you are a

If you do not like being thought of as a troll, I suggest you stop
making what appear to be deliberately inflammatory comments cunningly
hidden among rather innocuous questions. 

I am certain, of course, that this advice falls on deaf ears. You have a
history of trolling. In fact, you are quite good at it! (154 posts on
this one)

I will list two more troll posts. Finding more is an interesting
exercise for the bored reader.

Others, too, have thought your posts are deliberately provoking.

You often aggravate others, seemingly intentionally. Once, it even
escalated to the point of threats of physical violence.

So please refrain from posting your troll-comments to the list, and stop
polluting it with your contentious remarks.



Pythonistas: please don't feed this troll.


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