Python vs. C#

Brian Quinlan brian at
Mon Aug 11 02:31:04 CEST 2003

> Microsoft does almost all of its internal development in C# now. 

Do you have any basis for this claim? I would imagine that most of
Microsoft's development effort goes into Office and Windows, and neither
of those products currently use the .NET framework. 

> It is not going away.  

I agree.

> C# is, essentially, the .NET Framework. 

Nope. That statement is as meaningless as "C++ is, essentially, the

> But comparing C# to Python, Python isn't much higher level than C#. 

Yes it is. I find it odd that you claim to have very little knowledge of
C# yet you make some very bold claims as to its characteristics
(actually, IIRC, you have only made one specific claim about the
semantics of the language and that was incorrect). 

> They've got "similar stuff," with Python adding some exotic features. 

No, they don't have "similar stuff". C# is missing a lot of features
with respect to Python. And Python has, at least for GUI programming, no
equivalent to the .NET framework.

> Python gets style points, but tools maturity, ubiquity, and future 
> count for more than style points.

I wouldn't use the word "maturity" when discussing C# tools but the VS
.NET IDE is quite impressive when it works correctly.

I'm starting to think that you are trolling. Are you? 


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