Python memory management

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Wed Aug 27 21:52:47 CEST 2003

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> > Currently, the most popular platform for game applications are 
> > videogame consoles. Memory on these special purpose machines are a 
> > premium resource and one should used it judiciously. Python's RTE 
> > footprint and memory fragmentation issues make it a hard 
> > sell for game programmers (many tend to prefer LUA).
> Um, *I*, at least, would say they have a point.  I love 
> Python and think it has many, many virtues, but being miserly 
> with RAM is not one of them (at least, for the current 
> implementation).

Yes, I will be saying that. But, if I can't change the way Python
behaves, at least I want a way to diagnose what he is doing. I've found
some references about Pymalloc, now the default Python memory manager,
and how it can report statistics about memory usage, but the
documentation is a bit light on details. Any pointer to  some resources
on the subject? Maybe python-dev is a better place to ask these

Thank you any way,


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