Newbie Testing IDLE 1 on win98

Raymond Arthur St. Marie rastm2 at aol.commorespam
Fri Aug 8 04:53:58 CEST 2003

>[Raymond A. St. Marie]
>> Newbie Ray here.

>> I decided to run the autotest from IDLE 1 window.
>There you go:  don't.  The tests are intended to be run from a DOS box, and
>all sorts of weird things can happen if you try to run them from IDLE.
>If you want to run the tests, open a DOS box and do this:
>C:\Python23>python lib/test/
>mixing-tests-and-guis-is-like-mixing-peanut-butter-and-jello-ly y'rs
>    - tim
You know Tim, after I posted, I went and tried the test in the DOS box
Wished I'd a dun that first, I'd a never thought about runing the test in the
Of course everything passed.
Thanks for confiming this for me. 

Another question tho.
When making a "Top of Startmenu" shortcut for Pythonwin2.3, is it better to ref
the "" in the Pywin dir or should I use the in
Python23 dir.
I had it the latter way but it would come up a DDE error in the interp window.
Did I just answer my own question? I don't understand why if I did.

Mucho Thanks--ias

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