Python should try to displace Java

Doug Tolton dtolton at
Wed Aug 20 18:25:12 CEST 2003

On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 21:55:02 +0200, Bruno Desthuilliers
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>Doug Tolton wrote:
>> Java and Python are really
>> entirely different things.  Python is meant as a scripting language,
>> Java is a Systems programming language. 
>Err... Is this another troll ? Or is it me being just dumb ?
>I'd like to see some 'System programming' (I think we don't give 'system 
>programming' the same meaning) in Java, that can't be done in Python.

No that is not a troll.  I think Java is better at building some large
systems than Python is.  That's what it was designed for, python was
designed to be a scalable scripting language.  Python wasn't designed
to be a replacement for C++ to my knowledge.  Are you saying that
python was designed to be a replacement for C / C++ for building large
scale systems?  If so I'm suffering under a mis-apprehension of what
Python is all about.

I'm using System in the generic sense rather than the specific sense
of Operating System.

It isn't a matter of whether it can be done in Python.  You can write
anything in assembly for that matter, the reason you don't is
typically productivity.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't write
anything in Assembly does it?

I don't know how stating the obvious 'that some languages are better
at some tasks than other languages' would be considered a troll.

Doug Tolton
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