Python vs. C#

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at
Tue Aug 12 02:42:15 CEST 2003

Brandon J. Van Every (vanevery at wrote:
>Ok, so Python is "more flexible" than C#.  If I start doing problems
>require a lot of flexibility, I'll remember this about Python and
>it.  To date I've not been working on such problems, but that could
>And C# might still prove to be "flexible enough."

You almost get it. While not many problems "require" Python's
flexibility, a large number of problems can be more effectively
addressed by leveraging that flexibility. Put another way, you can often
create better solutions in less time.

Not many of Python's individual features are unique among languages
available today, but there is an amazing synergy among Python's features
that is hard to comprehend until you've used them to solve some
non-trivial problems.

In the early days of the PC there was a similar debate over the use of
Assembly versus higher level languages like C and Pascal. Not many
problems "required" the features of those higher level languages, but
people came to understand the benefits in the vast majority of
applications (benefits like time/money, maintainability, and


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