Brandon's abrasive style (was Re: What's better about Ruby than Python?)

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Tue Aug 19 09:37:07 CEST 2003

Ben Finney wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 21:43:12 -0700, Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
>> Cliff Wells wrote:
>>> finally I've come to the conclusion that you're not trolling, rather
>>> merely arrogant and abrasive.
>> Bingo!  Guilty as charged.  And I get more and more abrasive the more
>> people call me a troll.  As do most people who aren't actually
>> trolling.
> Quite the opposite -- "get[ting] more and more abrasive the more
> people call [one] a troll" is *exactly* how a troll acts.

So?  Squares are rectangles, but rectangles are not squares.

> People who aren't actually trolling will make efforts to depart from
> troll-like behaviour when accused of it, to avoid confirming the
> accusation.

Only in your world view.  It's not a IFF.

Brandon Van Every               Seattle, WA

20% of the world is real.
80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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