Detect PythonWin?

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Fri Aug 1 17:29:29 CEST 2003

Martin Bless <m.bless at> wrote in message news:<ejfkivo0ah8me65ge5o7pptj3v6dcq1sfo at>...
> [Andrew Dalke]:
> >To see if you're on Windows,
>  [...]
> >To see if the win32 extensions are installed
> Ok,
> but how can my script know it its running from inside PythonWin?
> I often have the situation that while developing with PythonWin I have
> to  insert code like
> if 1 and "developing in PythonWin":
>     sys.argv[1:] = ['fake', 'arguments']
> Later on or when running the same script from the commandline I need
> to disable this if statement. Nasty.
> I'm looking for a predicate functions that will let my script know if
> it's running from inside PythonWin. And the function shouldn't use
> much time or resources if we are not in PythonWin.
> Anybody knows?
> Martin

>>> import sys
>>> if sys.modules.has_key('pywin'):
... 	print "pythonwin running"
... else:
... 	print "pythonwin not running"
pythonwin running

This shouldn't have any overhead.  Writing a predicate function is
left as an exercise to the reader.

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