Secure FTP in Python?

Karl Scalet news at
Fri Aug 1 10:40:04 CEST 2003

Cameron Laird schrieb:
> In article <jsnov-3bk.ln1 at>,
> Kyler Laird  <Kyler at> wrote:
>>"d z e k y l" <no at> writes:
>>>Or is there some other
>>>(noncomplicated) way how secure uploading can be implemented in Python?
>>About anything is less needlessly complicated than FTP. 
>>SSH is often the obvious choice, but WebDAV can also
>>run over SSL.
> rsync, in particular, is a good fit for what many people
> mean by "uploading", and rsync is ssh-savvy.

or, on top of rsync-libs, you can run duplicity.
Written in Python :-) and does encryption also
of the backup-store using GPG.
Interesting especially if
other people have root access on the backup-server.
The transfer intself can be done in plain ftp or

Maybe too far from what OP actually is interested in.


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