pyrex error

Gerhard Häring gh at
Sun Aug 3 07:25:29 CEST 2003

Bryan wrote:
> "Gerhard Häring" <gh at> wrote:
>>In the PySQLite sources, I added this snippet on top:
>>#ifdef _MSC_VER
>>#define staticforward extern
>>to make it compilable under MSVC/Python 2.3. *After* #include-ing
>>"Pyhton.h" of course.
> ifdef'ing for _MCS_VER won't solve the problem for compiling under 2.2 and
> 2.3. [...]

Yes it will. gcc and MSVC, Python 2.2 and Python 2.3. All combinations 

Btw. I'd appreciate it if you configured your newsreader correctly or 
switched to one that comes less broken by default, as I despise broken 

-- Gerhard

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