What's better about Rattlesnakes than Pythons?

Graham Fawcett fawcett at teksavvy.com
Mon Aug 18 11:49:53 CEST 2003

Andrew Dalke wrote:

>Brandon J. Van Every:
>>you want to live in a desert, and you want to hear your pet easily, you're
>>better off with a rattlesnake.
>So I live in a desert.  I recently involuntarily acquired some
>mouse housemates, which I want to get rid of (and are keeping
>me up late tonight because I can hear the occasional rustle.)
>Would Rattlesnake or Python be better at de-mousing my house?
>Do either come with an IDE?  (Infestation Devouring Engine)
>Do either need a lot of support?  Are there books on the topic?

Any snake born in Java will perform better than these two; at least 
that's what the Javanese snake-sellers tell me. What they don't tell you 
is that you'll have to spend ten times as long training the darn snake.

I hear that sea-snakes are pretty fast too. But be warned: if you point 
a sea-snake in an invalid direction, it may never come back. Also, be 
prepared to clean up the mouse carcasses yourself.

>Blah.  I'm up too late to make even my normal medium quality
>quips.  Tomorrow it'll be trap shopping day.  Again.  Caught
>two already in glue traps.

That's a statically-typed trapping solution, isn't it?

(Too late for me too, I think)

-- Graham

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