Before I submit a bug report (Pythonwin)

R.Marquez ny_r_marquez at
Thu Aug 7 15:06:11 CEST 2003

Oops, I realised this morning that my initial post has an error (that
is what I get from writing from memory).  I didn't upgrade from Python
2.2.2, but from Python2.3c1.  And another significant detail is that I
chose a completely different location on the disk for the 2.3 final
installation.  I wonder if Pythonwin is looking in the old Python2.3
location for something.

I added Python2.3 to the path environment variable, and got the same
results.  I then went trough the registry searching for the old
Python2.3 folder. I found an occurrance inthe following key:

I changed it to the new Python2.3 location, but Pythonwin still won't
start.  Any ideas?


ny_r_marquez at (R.Marquez) wrote in message news:<8a27e309.0308061019.72656417 at>...
> I uninstalled my 2.2.2 version of Python and related packages from my
> XP Professional station and proceeded to upgrade to the latest and
> greatest: Python2.3, win32all-155.exe, etc.
> When I try to start the Pythonwin editor, either through its shortcut
> or through right clicking on an existing module, a window pops up with
> the message:
> <Error getting traceback - cant import
> traceback>exceptions.ImportError: No module named
> pywin.framework.startup
> After, closing the window nothing happens.  
> I was able to start the editor by double clicking on:
> Python23\Lib\site-packages\Pythonwin\start_pythonwin.pyw
> So, I assume the problem has to do with the installation process.
> This is the first time I have ever had a problem with Pythonwin (the
> editor), so I'm a little surprised.  Am I the only one having this
> problem?
> -Ruben

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