Importerror no module named WIN32API

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Aug 12 11:32:19 CEST 2003

Matt Smith wrote:

> > > ImportError: No module named win32api
> > >
> > > Any clues as to how to rectify this problem would be greatly
> > > appreciated
> >
> > Maybe you need to install the win32all extensions on the Win98 machine?
> >
> jf was that supposed to be funny ?
> no i would like a serious answer to this problem, as it is seriously hampering
> my current project.

have you checked the "Installation Problems" page (available via the funny

have you checked that win32api is installed, and that python is picking up
the right win32api version?  have you checked the python path?  have you
traced the imports (use "python -v" or "python -vv" to run the program)?
if win32api exists, what happens if you import it from the python prompt?
are all DLLs that win32api depends upon available on your machine (google
for DLL dependency checkers, or use "dumpbin /imports" to check what it
relies on).  etc.


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