Win32 documentation in CHM?

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Sat Aug 30 15:04:02 CEST 2003

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>> The argument is made that .chm is a better mechanism (more searchable
>> indexable etc) for help/documentation than html. Is that really so?
>I've certainly found it so in the ActiveState distribution, which packages
>the Python docs, plus selected third-party docs -- win32all, Dive Into
>Python -- into a unified HTML Help package. Very, very handy to be able to
>quickly look things up in a common index, or search across the whole lot.
>(Still waiting for a 2.3 ActiveState distro, though...)
the previous poster mentioned decompilers, can one then add other links
and then recompile with such beasts?

I like being able to down load someone's  pdf slides on meta classes
into python/doc/xtras and then add a link to them to the main help
index. I am also fairly religious about not using IE.
Robin Becker

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