[pygtk] textview: how to insert characters?

Riccardo Galli riccardo_togli.questo at e.questo_sideralis.net
Sat Aug 2 17:59:00 CEST 2003

Hello world.

I'm trying to insert characters in a textview, in a position different 
from the one where's the cursor.

I'm alwais getting this warning:
Gtk-WARNING **: Invalid text buffer iterator: either the iterator is 
uninitialized, or the characters/pixbufs/widgets in the buffer have 
been modified since the iterator was created.[...]

This a simple example code, of a method called on insert_text event .
When 6 characters are typed,it tries to put an 'X' in the second cursor
position, and then to put the cursor where it was before.

def on_insert_text(self,buffer,textIter,char,*args):
    if textIter.get_chars_in_line()==6 :

I understand from the warning that I should use marks, but 
I don't know how.

I've posted this msg to pygtk list too.

Thanks for help,

-=Riccardo Galli=-

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