win32: "LoadBarState failed" and flaming death

gcash gcash at
Thu Aug 28 06:19:51 CEST 2003

I'm doing stuff using COM to automate IE, for some boring repetitive
portal tasks I have to do.

Anyway, every so often I'll make some sort of error and things will
crash, and I'll have to do something like using task manager to kill
Python and/or the IE instance.

Then I'll reload pythonwin and get "LoadBarState failed due to win32
exception" and once I get this pythonwin will no longer work.  It'll
get all sorts of errors, the drop down menus won't work, there will be
all sorts of exceptions happening, and desktop icons and the start
button won't work until I kill pythonwin. This is even before loading
anything as it can't even load a file.

The only fix is to delete python, then use regedit to remove any
python related registry keys.

This is in Win2K pro SP4, using either python 2.2.3 and win32all 154
or 156, or python 2.3 and win32all 155 or 157.

Any ideas??


Windows users [are like] people stuck in abusive relationships.  They
get beat up over and over again, but they won't leave.
-- Steve VanDevender (alt.sysadmin.recovery)

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