Changing base class of a big hierarchy

John J. Lee jjl at
Mon Aug 4 14:04:28 CEST 2003

bokr at (Bengt Richter) writes:

> On 03 Aug 2003 12:31:37 +0100, jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote:
> >I'm trying to change a base class of a big class hierarchy.  The
> >hierarchy in question is 4DOM (from PyXML).  4DOM has an FtNode class
> >that defines __getattr__ and __setattr__ that I need to override.
> >
> If FtNode lived in a separate module that was imported, could you
> import an impostor module which would override subsequent imports?

That's a tempting idea, but is it possible (without a lot of work) to
do it *without* ending up with sys.modules containing my hacked
FtNode?  I don't want my hacked class hierarchy to infect other
peoples code that innocently imports xml.dom.

How would you go about it?


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