Python & memory usage

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 25 04:30:56 CEST 2003

lebo wrote:
> I'm experimenting with using Python as a very low resource usage
> systems management agent. Currently the best I'm getting is about a
> 2.4MByte base usage (python interp only) and with application,
> 4.8MByte memory footprint on WinXP.  This is probably too high for sme
> target systems - ideally under 3MByte memory usage is a good target
> for a simple, quiesent stub agent - dynamic loading/unloading of
> classes on top of this is ok.

I'm not sure what your application is like, but at 2.4MB 
it doesn't sound like it's a "simple, quiescent stub".... 
does this include a GUI or something?


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