Python vs. C#

Doug Tolton dtolton at
Tue Aug 12 07:55:21 CEST 2003

On 11 Aug 2003 05:33:38 -0700, mis6 at (Michele Simionato)

>?? Are you joking or what ?? Did you learn anything from Fortran lesson?
>Or from Lisp? Programming languages *never* die!

Hey, watch the Lisp cracks!! :-P

Seriously Lisp is the Mother of all programming languages.  So much of
the features that are being implemented today come from Lisp it's not
even funny.  If you want to see what they are, take a gander at Paul
Graham's website:

Lisp seriously is my favorite language.  It's still got quite a few
features that other lesser languages are working on implementing.

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