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> Jacek Generowicz <jacek.generowicz at> writes:
> Well, as has been repeatedly argued, that's just the point: people
> *don't* do that over and over again.  Who uses these 'faked-up
> macros'?  A few people who like messing around with metaclasses for
> fun (note Michele's warning about 'EXPERIMENTAL' and 'proof of
> concept').  If it's made easier, relatively sane people might do it
> too, and then we'll all suffer ;-)

I wholeheartly agree. I DO NOT use macros, I wrote that module as
a reply to a thread asking about macros. I wanted to see by myself
how difficult it was to implement them. The answer is: EXTREMELY
difficult, if you want a RELIABLE implementation. My implementation
is very poor man with no error checking at all, working only in simple
cases, but still it is not trivial. I am not convinced of the advantages
of having macros in Python, whereas I am convinced of the disadvantages.
So, I am for the status quo.

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