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Thu Aug 14 14:00:27 CEST 2003

danbmil99 at (dan) wrote in message news:<fbf8d8f2.0308131840.dd6162d at>...
> davesum99 at (smarter_than_you) wrote in message 
> > Also note that there are at least three ways to get this behavior:
> > 
> > _tkinter.dooneevent(TCL_DONT_WAIT)
> > Frame.update()
> > Tkinter.dooneevent(0) #this is new to me!  You found a third way to
> > call it
> > 
> that would be:
> but anyway --
> in my experiments, this last way (Michelle's way) has very bad timing,
> if you care about that sort of thing.  Both the _tkinter call and
> update() seem to be more reactive.

.update() seems to be working (even of Win98) and the name is 
self-documenting, so at the moment it is my first candidate.

BTW, notice the spelling : Michele with one "l", italian male name,
as opposed to Michelle, with two "l", french female name. 

Thanks, for your help,


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