Is Python your only programming language?

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Wed Aug 13 19:13:53 CEST 2003

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[ ... re Python as the only language you need ]

> Absolutely not.  I don't believe any language could be, because every
> task needs different compromises.

Sure, within the domain of computer programming problems,
no single language can adequately serve for everything.
But that's a much broader range than most of us encompass,
and I think it's really rather reasonable in principle for
a single language to satisfy a single programmer's needs.
Where "satisfy" is a function of how well the language works
for his or her normal range of problems versus how easily
another possibly better language can be brought on board.
Excuse me for such an obvious observation, but it seems sort
of evasive to turn the question into a matter of principle.

For my purposes, there seem to be three programming language
roles:  a low level system interface language (C, for UNIX),
an application language, and a high level system interface
language (shell, for UNIX.)  In practice, the application
language is sometimes Python, more commonly C, and in my
dreams it could be Haskell.

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