python gripes survey

Geoff Howland ghowland at
Sun Aug 24 03:58:38 CEST 2003

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003 15:39:27 GMT, "Ryan Lowe" <ryanlowe0 at>

>python is a big improvement on most languages that came before it, but no
>language is perfect. id like to make a list of some of the aspects people
>find most annoying, regardless of their feasibility of implementation. for
>instance, i discussed putting if clauses in for loops, and i noticed another
>thread about allowing {} and [] to be added and subtracted. if its something
>from another language (especially an obscure one), please explain how it
>works in case people like myself dont know the language.

Just to point some things out since I started the {} [] thread.  I was
trying to do something hacky, and while I wanted the [].len() type
calls for my team mates, I never had a problem with the current len()
and understand the reasoning behind it.  [].len() is more uniform, but
it also changes the requirements for the language in a duplicated
fashion, since the test for __len__() will always exist as well.

So while I think they may have been reasonable requests, Im not sure
theyre really pitfalls, and Im not sure they would even work out that
well on a large scale which is why I wanted to implement it and test
it out myself.

-Geoff Howland

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