slight csv misbehavior under Windows

Thomas Womack twomack at
Mon Aug 18 07:55:25 CEST 2003

I'm using the csv module in python 2.3 under Windows XP; it seems that
two separate mechanisms try to handle the perverse Windows habit of
ending lines with 0d0a, and so

writer = csv.writer(file('foo.csv','w'))
for i in thing:

produces lines ending 0d0d0a, and when you load this into Excel 97 the
data appears double-spaced.

Opening the file with 'wb' solves the problem, but it would be lovely
were this either fixed or documented; it's rather unintuitive that a
file opened with 'wb' still ends lines with 0d0a.

Please tell me if this is not the appropriate place to make this kind
of bug report.


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