python gripes survey

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Sun Aug 24 17:07:54 CEST 2003

"Dave Brueck" <dave at> wrote in message
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> Here's a short list of my anti-gripes - features that I like but some
people complain about;
> features that, if removed or changed too much, would make me like Python
> less:
> - no assignment in if/while
> - whitespace significant to both programmer and the language
> - {} + {} not allowed ;-)
> - private variables are a language-encouraged convention instead of an
> to babysit the programmer
> - no macros
> - no end-block tag required
> - list comprehensions
> - a "self" parameter is passed to all class methods, and by convention we
> call it "self"
> - tendency to prefer keywords over special characters
> - thread-safe operations on fundamental objects (e.g. two threads doing
> somedict['foo'] = x at the same time won't cause Python to crash or
> somdict)
> - list.sort() doesn't return the sorted list
> There are more, but this list is just off the top of my head. :)
> -Dave

id agree with most of those too. i hadnt really thought about the sort()
function, but that does seem a little inconsistent with other methods which
do return a value. im sure there is a good reason for this (speed?).

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