Secure FTP in Python?

Gerhard Häring gh at
Fri Aug 1 15:02:49 CEST 2003

Karl Scalet wrote:
> Cameron Laird schrieb:
>> Kyler Laird  <Kyler at> wrote:
>>>> Or is there some other
>>>> (noncomplicated) way how secure uploading can be implemented in Python?
>> rsync, in particular, is a good fit for what many people
>> mean by "uploading", and rsync is ssh-savvy.
> or, on top of rsync-libs, you can run duplicity. [...]

Or just use the plain librsync wrapper for Python.

Another option that I use to use SSH tunnels.

For some reason the people who contributed the ODBC driver to PostgreSQL 
found it necessary to reimplement the PostgreSQL wire protocol instead 
of linking to libpq, which would already be SSL enabled. Instead of 
buying a commercial SSL-enabled PostgreSQL ODBC driver I decided to just 
set up a SSH tunnel to my PostgreSQL server for ODBC access.

To tunnel FTP over SSH you'll have to use passive FTP.

I don't remember if it has been mentioned already, but M2Crypto has a 
FTP/SSL implementation.

-- Gerhard

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