Summer reading list

Raymond Hettinger vze4rx4y at
Tue Aug 12 08:57:05 CEST 2003

Found in a pamphlet at a pre-school:
Reading improves vocabulary
Reading raises cultural literacy through shared knowledge
Reading develops writing skills
Reading opens the mind to new ways of understanding
Reading is fun

Accordingly, I suggest the following works of literature:

   *         (255 lines)
   *          (536 lines)
   *      (355 lines)
   *           (427 lines)

These make enjoyable reading, cover interesting topics/algorithms,
demonstrate superb modern python technique, and showcase
effective use of Python's newer features.

Learn from the masters:
   Pinard, O'Connor, Peters, Wilson, Martelli, van Rossum,
   Ward, Montanaro, Altis, Drake, and others

have-you-read-any-good-code-lately-ly yours,

Raymond Hettinger

P.S.  The unittests for are *not* as enjoyable reading; however,
they are a highly instructive example of Greg's sophisticated use of the
testing framework and his unusally thorough approach to deciding
what and how to test.   Lib/test/   (692 lines)
Learning from Greg's example enabled me to use similar ideas in
developing Lib/test/ (298 lines).

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