PyChecker work with Python 2.3?

achrist at achrist at
Mon Aug 4 21:43:47 CEST 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Al> The pychecker site says that pychecker works with versions
>     Al> 1.5 through 2.2.  Any reason to expect that 2.3 breaks it?
>     Al> Anyone tried it to see?
> I run Python CVS as my normal Python on my laptop.  I've never had a problem
> with PyChecker.

Based on this encouraging news, I have upgraded all the packages listed
and run pychecker on a program using them all.  It looks to work fine.
Speed was not noticeably increased or decreased.  

The only change required in my sources is evidently that the csv
module no longer has a parser(); it's a reader(aFile).

About the only noticeably slow part of the program is the part that
read a gzipped csv file.  Unzipping and parsing a 170kb gzip file
took about 20 sec with v2.2.3, and takes only about 9 sec with v2.3
(200 MHz machine).  So, the speed increase is big where I needed it
most.  This is great. 


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