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Lothar Scholz wrote:

>>You should definitely consider Boa-Constructor (be sure to use at least v.
>>0.23, better yet the recent cvs version).
>>IMHO its the most "complete" python IDE at the moment.
> But not easy to use and with a lot of bugs. Maybe some less features
> and more stability would be nice.

  After a couple of weeks of learning Python I had already discarded TK
and wanted a GUI builder for wxPython. After trying PythonCard I found
Boa and loved it. Being Visual Basic the only IDE I had previously used,
Boa was very intuitive to me and had little trouble, if any, using it.
  On the stability front, I'm sure I had at least one problem in this
year+ I have been using it but I can't quiet recall what is was...
  The author labels the IDE as alpha software but he must have the
highest standars, for the CVS version is remarkably stable and ready to
use IMHO.

> And it is not complete if you want to program Web Applications.

  I have no experience in such things but it does have some Zope stuff
(which I know nothing about).


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