Isn't there a substring(start, end)-function????

Harvey Thomas hst at
Wed Aug 6 15:37:45 CEST 2003

Dave wrote:
> Hi all,
> Am I blind, or what? I can't find any quick way to do the following in
> Python:
> substring(beginIndex, endIndex) witch returns the substring between
> beginIndex and endIndex.
> Like:
> text = "If someone attacks you with a banana"
> print text.substring(0,3)
> Should print "If "
> I've found absolutely everything else that I expect from a modern
> programming language, but none of the modules (not even "string"!)
> seems to have what I'm looking for.
> Please tell me I'm blind!
> Dave

There isn't a substring function, because it's not necessary as slices do the job.
The short answer is:

text = "If someone attacks you with a banana"
print text[0:3]

but its explained much more fully in


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