how fast is Python?

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Thu Aug 21 06:40:04 CEST 2003

"Irmen de Jong" <irmen at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Python is fast enough for me, especially 2.3.
> Profile & code slow parts as C extensions.
> Include your own assembly there if so desired.

> Investigate Psyco. There was one example on this
> newsgroup that showed that Python+psyco actually
> outperformed the same program in compiled C.
> --Irmen

 This are my advice as well. Especially use the profiler and change your
high level algorithms. You will find a lot with hidden quadratic behavaviour
which slow down your program when it comes to high volume.

Psyco will generally speed up 2. This is fine (I use it!) but not a break
through. There may be cases where it performs better.

A bottleneck can be Tkinter. Use something different then (Qt, wx)..

Michael P

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