Python PostgreSQL frontend for Win2K with MinGW32 ?

Dave Haynes dave_at_thuswise_dot_co_dot_uk
Wed Aug 27 20:58:45 CEST 2003


	This is just as much a PostgreSQL question as a Python one, but here 

	I've been trying to port the psycopg interface to a Win2K client 
(server runs FreeBSD). I'm using MinGW32 rather than CygWin, and having 
trouble compiling the libpg library as a DLL.

	I started off with the following:

	configure --with-template=win --without-zlib
	make -C src/interfaces install

	After complaints that I was missing "Makefile.port" I took
	a copy from

	My Win2K/MSYS/MinGW32 setup doesn't have netinet/in.h, ioctl.h, inet.h, 
or arpa.h, so I removed the #includes to these header files in 
pg_config.h. I sort of assumed that none of these would be needed, and I 
would end up linking to the Windows socket library instead of all the 
Unix stuff. Massive overoptimism replaced by confusion and gloom.

	The dlltool can't find a lot of the socket call targets, fe-connect.c 
and fe-misc.c being the main offenders.

	Can anyone help, please? I know there are some psycopg enthusiasts 
about; I'd be very grateful for some pointers. I'd rather use MinGW32 
than CygWin; I could swap but my understanding was that MinGW has all 
that's required.

	Alternatively, are there any VC++ Studio binaries available? Not   that 
I approve of course ;-)



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