Win32All Crashes Python 2.3?

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Aug 6 04:50:33 CEST 2003

Roger Upole wrote:
> I get the same thing on Win2k, Python 2.3 anytime a unicode string is
> passed to os.lstat (without invoking any win32all modules)
>    ...
> Looks like the problem is in posixmodule.c
>   PyUnicodeObject *po;
>   if (PyArg_ParseTuple(args, wformat, &po)) {
> wformat at run time is "u:lstat", which should have
> a unicode pointer for the receiving argument, not a PyUnicodeObject.
> os.stat (which works for a unicode string) uses uppercase U in the format.

Nice spot!  I opened then fixed it on 
both the 2.3 maint branch (so it will appear in 2.3.1) and on the trunk 
(for 2.4)


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