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>Hi All,
>I'm interested in producing educational applications with Python.  Of
>special interest is the playback of video, something that has as of
>yet eluded me.  I'm wondering what kind of access Python has to the
>Tcl scripting language, because of the following project:
>(I hope that URL is correct; google for QuicktimeTcl if not)
>I understand (actually, I'm just beginning to explore) Python's
>wrapper access to Tk, but I'm sort of confused about Python's access
>to the Tcl scripting language.  Is there a similar wrapper for the Tcl
>language, and if so, can anyone suggest a reasonable process for
>creating a Python wrapper for QuicktimeTcl?
Python does all of Tcl.

Tk is a superset of Tcl.  Tkinter gives access to all
of Tk.  Conclusion:  Tkinter gives access to all of
Tcl, in particular.

That doesn't mean you automatically get everything you
want.  There are a couple of difficulties:
1.  From a Pythonic viewpoint, programming
    Tcl through the Tkinter.tk.eval()
    mechanism isn't pretty.  Developers
    making heavy use of Tcl often *do*
    write Python wrappers.

    I know of no such wrapper for
2.  QuicktimeTcl isn't Tcl, strictly; it's
    an *extension* of Tcl.  Sometimes ex-
    tensions work transparently with
    Tkinter; sometimes ... not.  I have no
    idea what shape Tkinter-plus-Quicktime-
    Tcl is in.

'Sounds like a fun project, though.

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