ANN: Snakelets 1.2 (simple-to-use web app server with dynamic pages)

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Fri Aug 8 20:35:17 CEST 2003

In another announcement, I wrote:

> I'm happy to say that Snakelets 1.1 is now available.    
> Snakelets is a simple Python web application server, mainly for educational
> purposes. This project provides a threaded web server, Ypages (HTML+Python
> language, similar to Java's JSPs) and Snakelets: code-centric page
> request handlers (similar to Java's Servlets).

Small things move fast sometimes-- Snakelets is now at 1.2 :-)

New are:
- gobble whitespace option now works in Ypages
- you can now set the input- and output characater encoding in
   Ypages; so you can write UTF-8 output for instance.
   (Python 2.3 required for this)
- you can change the content-type for your Ypage so it's
   possible to write one that outputs text/xml for instance.

See for more info.

--Irmen de Jong

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