Python speed vs csharp

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at
Mon Aug 4 13:57:10 CEST 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:

> If true, this suggests unbelievably bad performance in your Celeron's
> floating-point hardware -- there's no other explanation as to why
> (software-implemented) rational arithmetic could outperform (hardware-
> implemented) float arithmetic.

Sorry I know that the Celeron is very poor at floating point 
calculations. My stationary Pentium II 450 Mhz at my university is as 
fast as my 1000 MHz Celeron.

So what and who cares?

> Particularly given that the Python-specific "techniques" amount (in all) 
> to using a good optimizer (aka just-in-time compiler), psyco, I'm quite
> confident that many people can indeed use that.  The idea of writing
> x*x instead of pow(x, 2.0) is just as good in C (as I've shown -- just
> that one change speeds up the C program by about two times) or Fortran
> (as I mentioned, it was for Fortran, over a quarter of a century ago,
> that I first learned of it) as just about any other language, so it's
> no doubt going to be even more widely applicable.

Maybe you cannot read. But I wrote in my first post that I blindly "copy 
and pasted" the original code and that I didn't check wehter (* x x) is 
faster. This was not the point.

Again, my intention simply was: there is more than just Python. People, 
if their time budget allows it, should investigate those alternatives. 
If they think Scheme is shit oh Lord nobody cares and nobody will impede 
them in going/comming back to Python.

Sorry, Alex you are one of the idiots and bigots who believe that Python 
is the best since sliced bred and butter.

When I was younger it happend that I was a similar idiot and believed 
that "functional programming" in all its glory will salvage this world.

For me Python is crap and not any longer worth to consider. But look, I 
even introduced Python at our institution some month ago. A colleague 
asked me and I showed him Scheme. He didn't like the parantheses and I 
adviced him to buy some Python books. Indeed he did it. What is 
important here: he is happy that I am not any of this idiots who falls 
for and believes that his own programming language is the best thing.

I will stop this discussion because I am used to discuss with people who 
can demonstrate to have at least a minimal amount of brain.

S. Gonzi

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