FWD: Re: Problem w/ IDLE on Win2000

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Aug 6 20:13:27 CEST 2003

[Michael Chermside]
> ...
> I wish we'd caught this before 2.3.

Have you confirmed that a problem exists?  I haven't tried.

If there is, it should have been caught:  the release PEP makes clear that
the Windows installer should be run with and without admin privs, and using
targets with and without embedded spaces.  It's my fault that this wasn't
done -- there simply wasn't enough "spare time" to run the full course with
this release, and I consumed all the time I could make for it intensely
testing a single installation.

Speaking of which, that doesn't look likely to change anytime soon, so if
someone else is willing to take over the PLabs Windows installer, it's
yours.  Overall, it's in very good shape.  Whoever is interested should also
consider switching to InnoSetup (and there's a patch on SF moving closer
toward that end).

> Unfortunately, I usually avoid "Program Files" for exactly this reason,
> I'm guessing other testers did the same.

Most people accept the defaults.  "Program Files" is fine for an end-user
app, but for a tool that's going to get used from scripts and command
shells, a path with an embedded space is just begging for needless problems.
For that reason, if IDLE does have a problem with embedded spaces, I really
don't care.

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