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>>Paul Graham was the keynote speak for PyCon DC 2003.
>This statement on Paul Graham's web site is what got me using Python:
><excerpt from the Lisp FAQ at:>
>I like Lisp but my company won't let me use it. What should I do?
>Try to get them to let you use Python. Often when your employer won't
>let you use Lisp it's because (whatever the official reason) the guy
>in charge of your department is afraid of the way Lisp source code
>looks. Python looks like an ordinary dumb language, but semantically
>it has a lot in common with Lisp, and has been getting closer to Lisp
>over time.

Cool!  There's one critical difference in the semantics of Python (lack
of macros), but that's precisely to enforce the simplicity and clarity
of Python's syntax.
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