[announce] mix_table module now available

Steven D. Arnold stevena at neosynapse.net
Sat Aug 23 19:39:39 CEST 2003

Neosynapse (http://www.neosynapse.net) is pleased to offer version 0.8 of
the mix_table module, which implements table-like data objects.  mix_table
offers tables that look superficially like a list of dictionaries, but
mix_table supports many advanced features beyond this, including:

- Rows may be sorted, alphabetically or numerically, ascending or
descending, along one or more columns;
- Tables can be compared as sets with other tables;
- Tables can be indexed along one or more columns, with each unique
combination of the selected columns pointing toward a list of the matching
- Tables can be joined, as with SQL; inner, outer, left and right joins are
supported; and
- A number of utility features are included, such as fetching a list of the
items in a column, "normalizing" the rows (i.e. making sure all rows have
the same set of columns), etc.

This package is offered under the Python license itself (PSF for Python
2.3).  The mix_table module *requires* Python 2.3 or higher, and optionally
Tim Peters' FixedPoint module (https://sourceforge.net/projects/fixedpoint).
The mix_table module may be downloaded at:


Please direct any questions or comments to me personally as well as
optionally to the list.

Steven D. Arnold                             stevena at neosynapse.net

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