SWIG and __int64

Matt Whelan google at mattwhelan.info
Thu Aug 14 20:19:09 CEST 2003

Supposedly, recent versions of SWIG can be made to work with MS VC++'s
non-standard integer data types.  According to a recent SWIG ChangeLog

%apply long long { __int64 };

should make Swig happy.  But it doesn't.  I get Syntax Errors on each
line where __int64 appears.

Am I missing something?  I'm new to SWIG (but not to Python or C++). 
My searches to date have turned up no examples of successful __int64
and SWIG interaction.  If anyone could provide such an example, it
would be deeply appreciated.

I also need to do similar things for __int8 * and __int32, but I
assume once I get __int64 working the solutions for those will become

Matt Whelan

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