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Nick Vargish nav+posts at bandersnatch.org
Tue Aug 19 15:46:22 CEST 2003

"Brandon J. Van Every" <vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com> writes:

> Is Perl really the enemy?  I don't see Microsoft backing Perl.

I've got to say that BJVE actually has a point here. If there's one
thing about the Python community that I've found perturbing, it's the
attitude that "Perl is evil".

Perl has many flaws, and I'm very glad I've done a s/Perl/Python/ in
my own life, but Perl has been a useful tool and continues to be one
of the main drivers of open source acceptance. Antagonism towards Perl
just makes us look like cranks.

I'm all in favor of Python advocacy, but I much prefer conversion by
example rather than sword.

The other implication of BJVE's post is that Microsoft is the
enemy. I'll save that for a different post...


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