'print' in a CGI app.

Patrick Lioi patrick at novaroot.com
Sun Aug 3 23:30:02 CEST 2003

"Andrew Chalk" <achalk at XXXmagnacartasoftware.com> wrote in message news:<ERcXa.1902$W63.925904037 at newssvr30.news.prodigy.com>...
> In a Python 2.2 app. running under CGI the statements
> print "Hello\n"
> print "World"
> print both words on the same line in IE6. How do I print the second one on a
> new line (i.e. respect the \n in the first statement).
> Many thanks!

Run the app, then go to "View"->"Source" in the browser.  $10 says
they are on separate lines.  All browsers are expecting HTML output
from CGI scripts.  HTML ignores whitespace.  The <br> tag comes in
handy for forcing an endline:

print "Hello<br>"
print "World"

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