OT email address (was: Determine file type (binary or text))

JanC usenet_spam at janc.invalid
Sat Aug 16 04:27:51 CEST 2003

Graham Fawcett <fawcett at teksavvy.com> schreef:

> P.S. Sami, it's very bad form to "make up" an e-mail address, such as 
> <none at none.net>. I'm sure the owners of the none.net domain would agree. 

Very true.

> Can't you provide a real address?

Some non-real addresses are allowed/harmless too:
- everything ending with the .invalid TLD
  e.g.: none at none.invalid
- me at privacy.net (the owner of the domain gave his permission)


"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving."
RFC 1958 - Architectural Principles of the Internet - section 3.9

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